kunsthaus nrw

lab k

01.11.2015 - 18.09.2016

Prospects for the young scene of North Rhine-Westphalia and Belgium: Marianna Christofides, Marcel Hiller, Juergen Staack, Hannelore van Dijck and Ante Timmermans.

Where will the narrative lead? Over the next few years, single rooms will showcase young artists, giving insight into the current art scene of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this series’ first exhibition, everything is different from original perception: Juergen Staack’s abstract painting turns out to be a photograph of overpainted street walls. The photographs from Mrs. Singleton’s inheritance incorporated in Marainna Christofides’ installation seem to tell a story and at the same time contradict themselves. By arranging commodities, Marcel Hiller creates temporary sculptures. Belgian artist Hannelore Van Dijck on the other hand, transforms a room. Its walls appear disguised but they are merely covered in temporary black and white chalk drawings. Ante Timmerman’s drawings in turn emerge daily, bringing the artist’s thoughts onto paper and from there into the surrounding space. With its installation, the Kunsthaus’ first institutional exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia makes the artistic process become visible.

Black Mountain, 2015,
Videoinstallation, Kunsthaus NRW
© The Artist